August 16, 2012

"why would you do that" or "i'm just a bit clumsy"

i've never been the most graceful; hell, i'm usually the one falling flat on my ass, except for that one time at level 5; that was all leigh. one time at uncw, i was sitting in the union living room waiting for some friends. this girl came out of the greek offices on the 2nd floor and began making her decent down the stairs. she noticed all of us sitting, passing by, what have you, and attempted to make the most graceful walk down the stairs, but toe of her rainbows ended up folding under her foot on the step and she went ass-over-tea-kettle down to the landing. i had to book it outta there before she saw/heard me snort back a giggle. i feel that i can laugh b/c it'd happened to me on many occasions.

last week, i twisted the ankle a bit trying to walk down 6 steps while talking to the person behind me. during the nba playoffs, i was so livid that the ref missed that obvious foul by battier that i gestured a bit too largely for the treadmill i was running on. gotta love the side rails, or i'd have been thrown off for sure. all my clumsiness only makes me notice the potential clumsiness of others, specifically when it comes to handling an iphone.