February 21, 2012

"earning it" or "deserving it"

there are 2 important things i learned this week: 1. no matter how tiny, always wear a sports bra. 2. taking a week off makes a huge difference. next time i feel under the weather, i'm running anyways.

this post is inspired by my valentines day, it's a little sad but don't worry, everyone is happy in the end.

all thru my youth i played soccer. i wasn't great, but i really enjoyed it. in high school i was on jv until senior year when i made varsity. my mom will argue, but the only reason i (along with 3 other girls) made varsity is b/c seniors weren't allowed to play jv. we hardly played.

the thing about playing soccer with old raleigh money in the 90's soccer craze was there were a lot of girls with a lot of their parents money and they all had name brand gear. adidas was stamped across everything. my gear was mostly from kmart or jc penny, my duffle was the bag my mom got for running (and completing!) the 5k cary road race. i was 12, what did i know about name brands, it all seemed to serve it's purpose. after 2 years of not making the junior high team and dealing with the new money cary mean girls, i knew.

February 13, 2012

"week 1" or "how out of shape am i really?"

i'm fully documenting this 1st week so there is proof i did at least 1 week fully.

here's the run plan i've mixed up for myself. there are 4 run days, 2 of them are 2 miles, then a 2.5 and a 3 mile day. i've decided to add the beginner instructions of run 3 minutes and walk 2 minutes until i can do a whole mile of running, after that i will attempt to ditch it.

so monday was supposed to be a 2 mile day. i say supposed to b/c i ended up only having time for just under 2 miles due to another miscommunication between myself and my new alarm app. i finally figured it out, this will not happen again.

tuesday was a rest day and i totally needed it. my legs were like "yesterday, what was that all about?" poor things, have no clue what they're in for.

wednesday started off a bit behind. i was supposed to do a morning run but the beau wasn't feeling well and i was up very late so i opted for an evening run after work and dinner. this also coincided with some rage at the outcome of the unc game. rage is good fuel, i was able to run for longer than the 3 min monday at a decent 5 mph pace. i tried 5.4 for the last half mile, got a little ahead of myself there.

February 1, 2012

i can't prove it, but i think i was hoodwinked

last weekend my friend and co-worker kadi (check out her blog) ran a half marathon at disney. this is not the first race i've heard her talk about but it was certainly the longest. it was also the first one she's run in a tutu, and minnie ears. well somehow the frilly accessories made the idea of the half marathon seem more appealing. suddenly i'm going "sure, i'll do one in september." see, hoodwinked.

welcome one and, well, quite possibly one

"nothing is impossible. the word itself says i'm possible," so said audrey hepburn, according to many internet sources. when searching for something profound/funny to name my blog, i tried many things. friends quotes, beastie boys lyrics, industrial solvents only sold on infomercials. after a few came up unavailable with suggestions like "it's moo-jen," i moved on to my 2nd fav blog-ish site pinterest (it's the stack of torn out magazine recipes and decor ideas but takes up way less space under my bed). there she was, audreys' face captioned "nothing is impossible," you know the rest. to my not so really surprise that name was also taken, but i chuckled at the suggestion "impossible-jen". let's face it, sometimes, i am. so here we are, we'll see how long we last.

i've had one other blog attempt, it's probably linked here somewhere. that page was mostly filled with loving tributes to the great love of my life, unc basketball. it was the 2007-2008 season, they were supposed to win it all, but they did not. i decided to let the 08-09 team live in a world free from my game day recaps and ya know what, they won it all!

this time i'm sticking to my 2nd fav topic, me. which is good for you b/c that's why you're still reading this, sucker!

enjoy, or move on, i won't know.