August 7, 2015

week 2 of (f)unemployment

week 2 started off strong: went for a run on sunday, yoga on monday, run on tuesday and paid for it all on wednesday. it's time to accept that i am no longer as naturally fit as i used to be. i decided to take thursday as a rest day and return to yoga next monday.

monday and tuesday i did a lot of admin around the house. i repacked my work kit and cleared out all the non-office items. i had 5 bags of comic books from when i was walking distance from my favorite shop at disney, getting caught up on those trade paperbacks is on my to do for today. i also worked on a few post drafts from my make shift floor/coffee table "office".

mal gilmore girls karlie kloss smoothie
mal likes to be involved

August 5, 2015

smoothie madness - karlie kloss breakfast smoothie

true story: about a year ago i fell asleep watching a doctor who marathon and woke up mid-nutribullet infomercial. 30 mins later i was in the check out line of the bed, bath & beyond with one of the hundred 20% off fliers and a 15 piece nutribullet set. best impulse buy ever.

i've tried a lot of smoothie combos, the karlie kloss breakfast smoothie is my favorite made with protein powder, originally posted at popsugar. i've changed it up a little, using mixed berries rather than just blackberries. while i'm (f)unemployed this has been my go to post yoga smoothie.

karlie kloss breakfast smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 banana
1 cup black berries (i used mixed frozen)

karlie kloss breakfast smoothie nutribullet aloha