June 23, 2015

update - the self magazine 30 day summer challenge

so week 4 is here and everything hurts! ok, maybe not hurts, but there is definitely some aching, in a good way.  i’ve enjoyed the last 4 weeks of scheduled butt kicking, not to commandos really but i no longer fear the burpee.

June 18, 2015

new gear for 2015

i've been pretty good at curbing my gear purchases. i can be very much a gadget person and that just gets costly. but occasionally, purchases have to be made.

i upgraded my garmin thanks to american express. about 6 months ago i cashed in most of my rewards points and purchased the forerunner 15 in teal. it's a lot less bulky than my previous garmin, i love that i can wear it as a watch to track my steps during the day without looking like a deep sea diver.

new gear 2015 garmin forerunner running watch

June 9, 2015

just charge it honey!

there are many activities my mom and i enjoy together: watching college basketball, watching college football, netflix binges on crime dramas and shopping. it's our cardio. more specifically, bargain shopping.

when she came to visit me on her first solo trip to los angeles we decided to check out the outlets at camarillo. we figured a nice chat on the drive there, 2 hours of shopping, some lunch, and be back in time for dinner and some tv shows. 9 hours later the back of my jeep was filled and we were trying to find a restaurant to feed our hangry selves.

i swear we left stuff for other shoppers

June 4, 2015

a glossier life part 3

we have reached our conclusion!

the optional: but not really, i mean come on, i've saved the best for last.