September 6, 2013

"earning it" or "deserving it" celebrity edition pt 2


a few months back in the uk, april 1st to be exact, marked the first issue of the waitrose grocery store magazine featuring pippa middleton at the meal planning helm. (from here on in "  " is how i will point out british snark) there has been no short of cattiness on her appointment since the "failure" of her party planning book celebrate. now i can't find any totals for her book sales beyond the first week, which were "disappointing" at just 2,000 copies. it was announced mid-april that she and her literary agent/publishing house had "parted ways, no doubt" due to her books "failure" which she received a £400,000 advance.

i'm going to assume that no one (but my mom) reading this blog has been thru the book publishing process. you wouldn't believe the number of times this book was read and edited by someone other than pippa. it's not like she wrote up a term paper, handed it in and was left to fend for her own grade. her editor approved every recipe, article and photo. while a newspaper is confined to a deadline based on it's daily/weekly release, the book industry, like film, is not subject to such a hard fast line. did y'all see gi joe 2 last summer? no? oh right, paramount pushed it's release a year to this summer. if the publisher had not been 100% behind her effort, good business sense would suggest he would have held release until it had been fine tuned. he should have also picked less hoity reviewers, and certainly not british as they've proved the only thing in their diet is sour grapes. i was not expecting martha stewart level effort, as i refuse the hand squeeze oranges, grapefruit and limes just to make a punch. i'll use mix from the jug thank you very much. that being said, martha was a print model and housewife before she made up her mind to be a caterer, so clearly her credentials are higher than pippa (insert american eye roll).