March 31, 2014

will run for chocolate

but seriously, that's what i did.

hot chocolate run 5k 15k san diego
totally worth it

i had a few criteria to meet when picking a race to start the year
  1. supports a charity
  2. longer than 5k
  3. something i wouldn't mind doing alone

March 28, 2014

friday favorites 3.28.14

run keeper app
i love this app b/c it not only tracks my run, but i can share my runs with selected friends. i'm not posting all this to social media, but i do have a cross country friend i share my runs with. we occasionally comment on each others workouts, good or bad.

March 26, 2014

salted pretzel chocolate chip cookie dough snickers bars

no, these are in no way healthy, but they taste sooo good!

we got a new co-worker on our team at the beginning of the year, sadly this meant he missed the holiday bake off. lucky for him i was in a treat fixing mood when his birthday rolled around last week.

back in september i'd made bars for my boss that were basically: chocolate chip cookie, chocolate, rice krispy treat, oreo, reese cup, rice krispy treat, chocolate. i felt i needed to up the ante. thank you pinterest, behold!

chocolate caramel pretzel cookie dough
try not to lick the screen

March 24, 2014

everywhere in la takes 20 minutes

or so said cher's father in clueless. for the most part, it's true. what is also true is that many of us may work in la, but we live just outside. i live in santa monica and work in hollywood, my commute to work is about 30-40 minutes. luckily for me, it's not in stand still traffic, that would drive me nuts. with half an hour spent in the car, what should i listen to?

when i first moved out to la i tried seacrest in the morning, it seemed like the "la" thing to do. i quickly got really annoyed and switched to the npr station. sadly the time i'm in my jeep splits up morning programming. i catch the end of one segment and the beginning of another, no resolution, grrr. sirius satellite channel flipping it is. until a wonderful thing happened on tumblr.

via tumblr

March 19, 2014

chunky monkey protein bars

i have a theory that there's no situation in life that cannot be improved by the presence of a monkey. so when this recipe showed up in my feed, i had to try it. didn't hurt that it's flavor was compared to ben & jerry's, my favorite ice cream makers. gods actually.

super simple

March 17, 2014

"run with the herd" or "virtually there"

one day while trolling pinterest i saw quite possibly the coolest medal ever. let's be honest, swag is one of the first things we look at when we're picking runs.

jedi challenge nerd run virtual run
i must have it

March 14, 2014

friday favorites 3.14.14

nike miler tank

loose fitting but not baggy, loop at the back to control head phone cord and there's a long sleeve version. i actually wore both on my 6 mile run in vancouver last weekend, didn't over heat and didn't freeze. it's the running top combo goldilocks would have worn.


March 3, 2014

1st house guest

back in october my friend robert came to visit. he'd been working like a dog fixing people's mac's and desperately needed a vacation. after a few months of begging, he finally flew out here. i had a whole weekend of nerdy awesomeness planned: comic book stores, video game stores and of course, lego land!!!

lego land legoland

there are a few trips i have yet to make since i've moved to ca: wine country, comic-con and lego land. when comic-con finally rolled around last year, and again i couldn't go, it was made only more depressing by the announcement of the exclusive lego delorean. i wanted one sooo badly. i begged everyone i knew who was going to bring one back, sadly they sold out.