January 26, 2016

high end on a budget

while this post may seem unrelated to my move, it came about because of it. i've spent a great deal of time moving around various bank accounts, comparing fees and rewards, as well as holding off on some purchases to make them more cost effective so, here we go.

i'm a frugal shopaholic. i grew up pretty poor and while i learned the value of a good deal and coupon/sale shopping, i didn't get the talk on credit card debt. while i got in a little deep in college, i managed to climb my way out. i'm not going to go into all the hows, that's a little too personal for me, but i will share some personal insight i've learned along the way.*

rewards credit cards: check out points guy, he's got the most comprehensive run down and tips, especially with travel rewards. i haven't been traveling much the last few years but i'm about to start. i also love any rewards points. amex allows points to be turned in for cash, flights or (most bang) gift cards. i've purchased many a nike gear, william sonoma cookware, clothes from nieman marcus and shoes from zappos. the available store has gone down but there's still good value. about a year ago i cashed in all my points for my garmin.

american express amex rewards garmin runner

January 18, 2016

2016: cha-cha-changes

how many times has that title been used on the overshare sites of the interwebs? i'm willing to bet it's most frequently used on "it's the new year" blog entries.

recently (ok fine, ages ago when i actually posted stuff) i've made brief references to some work changes happening "soon". i've been vague so as not to jinx the whole thing and have it called off. but here it is...

i'm "moving" to budapest.