May 14, 2014

blue apron meals

i'm sharing these 3 meals at once. mainly b/c since the recipe links have pictures already, i didn't feel the need to photograph the experience. if i was more comfortable on camera, i should have recorded it. there were some "are you kidding me?!" moments.

blue arpon home cooked meals food delivery

my overall impressions

taste: tasty but a bit bland. i'm guessing this is due to having a mass distro product. you want to please a wider audience so you have to tone it down a bit. much like the current landscape of network tv. (but that's another rant entirely)

ease: the faq page says each meal is meant to take around 30-45 min to prepare. yeah, if you have superior knife skills. i do not. the most difficult/annoying part was that every large onion, clove of garlic and veggie needed to be "small diced." this takes time and skills, both i was lacking at the time. (luckily i had club w to ease my pains)

May 5, 2014

food clubs

a few months ago while doing my morning round of blog reading: into the gloss, peanut butter fingers, the nerd machine, you get the idea, i came across an interesting piece on a food delivery service called blue apron. julie at had gotten blue apron as a christmas gift and was posting some seriously delicious pics.

as luck would have it that day blue apron was a gilt city deal for los angeles that week, dinner for 2 at half the price. i'm just one so, more food for me! i bought one straight away. after signing in to my blue apron account another deal came up for a wine club they were partnering with, club w. food and wine,, you have my heart.