September 25, 2012

"glutton for punishment" or "on a mission from god"

no, i do not actually think i'm on a mission from god, but i try to work in a steel magnolias quote when i can.

the half marathon high is pretty much over. i haven't run since and i'm feeling super sluggish. enter kadi and her suggestion to do a run in november. finally a reason to go out and run. i do enjoy running, but i don't exactly feel the nagging urge to run everyday, at least not until i get into a 4-days-a-week rhythm. then i want to run like - every day.

yesterday i registered for the san diego color run. it's a 5k where every mile ends in being color bombed. it's like tie die with fitness! in addition, i decided to make a 2013 plan with my lovely kiki to do the color run in nyc. the date hasn't been set, but it's looking like mid-august. job willing, i'll be back on the east coast by then (sorry west coasters).

September 9, 2012

"i'm so excited" ... "i'm so scared"

** i feel i should warn you, this is going to be a long one. i thought about doing 2 but, f it, you can come back and finish it later **

around 7pm last saturday night, i was having my own jessie spano moment; i was super excited about the 1/2 marathon i was going to run/walk the following day, but i was also super scared.