July 31, 2015

week 1 of (f)unemployment

this week began my first week of unemployment. it's also my first round of unemployment in 5 years, it's a little weird.

i work freelance in film and my show wrapped for some additional research needs. this happens all the time, sometimes they come back and everyone starts working again, many times the films go back to the shelf to be made at a later date. fingers crossed this one comes back again soon, but until then, unemployed.

this past week i took advantage of the down time. i binge watched some netflix, managed to finish fringe, get as far caught up on bones and criminal minds as i can. please release season 10 on streaming soon!

July 23, 2015

i play video games

i don't want to say i'm a "gamer girl" for the same reason i don't call myself a "trekkie." i don't feel i have enough cred to make those claims. i do enjoy playing video games and watching all things star trek, but i don't play every game and i can't speak klingon so, all do respect to those who do. moving on.

i'm a fan of all things mario, that damn kart race can ruin a relationship and it's awesome. my best friends and i have a rock band called 502 pussy control, and we're awesome! i spent so many consecutive hours playing lara croft: tomb raider reborn one week that even my dreams were of being ship wrecked on an island. (binge watching arrow when my fingers were cramping didn't help but that's another post.) i still have the original game boy i got for christmas when i was 9, it can still play mario, kirby, home alone, zelda, all the classics. but i still think i'm a little shy of being a "gamer."

lara croft tomb raider xbox playstation
mal is a gamer

July 16, 2015

girls are super heroes too

in the spirit of keeping the comicon fun going for one more week, i thought i'd take a moment to shine the light on some of my favorite female comic book heroes.

July 10, 2015

lately i've been

i was able to prep this post while on the plane from nyc so, here we go!

lately i’ve been…

since i’ve recently started posting again i decided to on this survey i saw on peanut butter fingers blog so we could all get better acquainted.

cooking: my own lunch for work. it’s mostly some lazy variations of chicken breast and rotating bases and toppings, ie. rice, salad, pasta. i’m going to get into that in next tuesdays post.

July 7, 2015

sorry i've been away...

the last 2 weeks have been a little crazed. what was supposed to be wrapping up my work on one show before i went on to the next ended up having a quick trip to new york thrown smack in the middle of it.

my dad called monday night (june 28) and said that the family was headed to new york b/c my grandapa was in the hospital, so much for 2 posts that week. i arrived back in los angeles at 2am the following monday and had to start the new job that week, no time to prep posts for that week. i'm a little more settled now so, until the regular content begins on friday, here's some fun from new york. 

said farewell to the gnomes at marvel