October 22, 2015

my "slight" youtube addiction

it began innocently enough, i wanted to check out a video game before i committed to buying it. it devolved into me spending a saturday selecting "next" in playlists on youtube. the same thing happened with beauty.

one minute i'm watching grace helbig do a "sweater weather" tag, whatever the hell that is, and the next thing i know i'm on ingrid nilsens' channel who tagged her learning how to tightline my eyes. wow, i've always wondered about that. looks a little painful. oh look, there's a video about how to use the concealer, i knew i was doing it wrong.

several videos and "vlog" playlists later, i discovered fleur de force. the english accent, the english countryside, the dogs, that hair, i was hooked. there's something about having a person talk at you about a product that isn't going to make a commission off of it so much less annoying than a customer service rep.* and what's best, the person on youtube can't interact. if i decide i'm not feeling the product, fast forward, skip. no awkward "um, maybe something else" conversation while they desperately try and convince me that i really need this brand new $100 foundation.

October 15, 2015

it's been a while...

do i title a post like this every 6-8 months? it feels like it. i've been extremely absent and also extremely busy. the thing about life in freelance film is that the work can go from manic busy to snail slow from day to day. since march i've done the same job on 2 different shows and the work flow/pace are completely different.

in the spring i had a steadier, slower paced workflow that allowed for earlier nights and more time to write and plan. since mid-summer i've been on a higher concept show for a smaller production company that requires longer days and leaves little time for writing.

weekends are no longer just meeting up with friends, running, butt school or shopping. they're for getting all the chores done that fell to the way side during the week: dishes in the sink, mountains of laundry, crap i'm out of quarters, how did the milk go bad, why didn't i buy toilet paper last time and how am i going to make the random dreggs of food left in my fridge into a meal.... it can be a bit overwhelming. but i'm trying to make yet another come back. i'm like barbara, endless farewell tours.

i'm getting back into a groove. i've gone to butt school once a week and since my office is now 4 miles from home (the dream in la) i'm better at dragging myself out of bed for a morning run. i also managed to fit in a few fun activities with my friends. here's a brief update, more (hopefully) to follow.

star wars starbucks pumpkin spice latte psl force friday
used the force to get the psl a little early

August 7, 2015

week 2 of (f)unemployment

week 2 started off strong: went for a run on sunday, yoga on monday, run on tuesday and paid for it all on wednesday. it's time to accept that i am no longer as naturally fit as i used to be. i decided to take thursday as a rest day and return to yoga next monday.

monday and tuesday i did a lot of admin around the house. i repacked my work kit and cleared out all the non-office items. i had 5 bags of comic books from when i was walking distance from my favorite shop at disney, getting caught up on those trade paperbacks is on my to do for today. i also worked on a few post drafts from my make shift floor/coffee table "office".

mal gilmore girls karlie kloss smoothie
mal likes to be involved

August 5, 2015

smoothie madness - karlie kloss breakfast smoothie

true story: about a year ago i fell asleep watching a doctor who marathon and woke up mid-nutribullet infomercial. 30 mins later i was in the check out line of the bed, bath & beyond with one of the hundred 20% off fliers and a 15 piece nutribullet set. best impulse buy ever.

i've tried a lot of smoothie combos, the karlie kloss breakfast smoothie is my favorite made with protein powder, originally posted at popsugar. i've changed it up a little, using mixed berries rather than just blackberries. while i'm (f)unemployed this has been my go to post yoga smoothie.

karlie kloss breakfast smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 banana
1 cup black berries (i used mixed frozen)

karlie kloss breakfast smoothie nutribullet aloha

July 31, 2015

week 1 of (f)unemployment

this week began my first week of unemployment. it's also my first round of unemployment in 5 years, it's a little weird.

i work freelance in film and my show wrapped for some additional research needs. this happens all the time, sometimes they come back and everyone starts working again, many times the films go back to the shelf to be made at a later date. fingers crossed this one comes back again soon, but until then, unemployed.

this past week i took advantage of the down time. i binge watched some netflix, managed to finish fringe, get as far caught up on bones and criminal minds as i can. please release season 10 on streaming soon!

July 23, 2015

i play video games

i don't want to say i'm a "gamer girl" for the same reason i don't call myself a "trekkie." i don't feel i have enough cred to make those claims. i do enjoy playing video games and watching all things star trek, but i don't play every game and i can't speak klingon so, all do respect to those who do. moving on.

i'm a fan of all things mario, that damn kart race can ruin a relationship and it's awesome. my best friends and i have a rock band called 502 pussy control, and we're awesome! i spent so many consecutive hours playing lara croft: tomb raider reborn one week that even my dreams were of being ship wrecked on an island. (binge watching arrow when my fingers were cramping didn't help but that's another post.) i still have the original game boy i got for christmas when i was 9, it can still play mario, kirby, home alone, zelda, all the classics. but i still think i'm a little shy of being a "gamer."

lara croft tomb raider xbox playstation
mal is a gamer

July 16, 2015

girls are super heroes too

in the spirit of keeping the comicon fun going for one more week, i thought i'd take a moment to shine the light on some of my favorite female comic book heroes.

July 10, 2015

lately i've been

i was able to prep this post while on the plane from nyc so, here we go!

lately i’ve been…

since i’ve recently started posting again i decided to on this survey i saw on peanut butter fingers blog so we could all get better acquainted.

cooking: my own lunch for work. it’s mostly some lazy variations of chicken breast and rotating bases and toppings, ie. rice, salad, pasta. i’m going to get into that in next tuesdays post.

July 7, 2015

sorry i've been away...

the last 2 weeks have been a little crazed. what was supposed to be wrapping up my work on one show before i went on to the next ended up having a quick trip to new york thrown smack in the middle of it.

my dad called monday night (june 28) and said that the family was headed to new york b/c my grandapa was in the hospital, so much for 2 posts that week. i arrived back in los angeles at 2am the following monday and had to start the new job that week, no time to prep posts for that week. i'm a little more settled now so, until the regular content begins on friday, here's some fun from new york. 

said farewell to the gnomes at marvel

June 23, 2015

update - the self magazine 30 day summer challenge

so week 4 is here and everything hurts! ok, maybe not hurts, but there is definitely some aching, in a good way.  i’ve enjoyed the last 4 weeks of scheduled butt kicking, not to commandos really but i no longer fear the burpee.

June 18, 2015

new gear for 2015

i've been pretty good at curbing my gear purchases. i can be very much a gadget person and that just gets costly. but occasionally, purchases have to be made.

i upgraded my garmin thanks to american express. about 6 months ago i cashed in most of my rewards points and purchased the forerunner 15 in teal. it's a lot less bulky than my previous garmin, i love that i can wear it as a watch to track my steps during the day without looking like a deep sea diver.

new gear 2015 garmin forerunner running watch

June 9, 2015

just charge it honey!

there are many activities my mom and i enjoy together: watching college basketball, watching college football, netflix binges on crime dramas and shopping. it's our cardio. more specifically, bargain shopping.

when she came to visit me on her first solo trip to los angeles we decided to check out the outlets at camarillo. we figured a nice chat on the drive there, 2 hours of shopping, some lunch, and be back in time for dinner and some tv shows. 9 hours later the back of my jeep was filled and we were trying to find a restaurant to feed our hangry selves.

i swear we left stuff for other shoppers

June 4, 2015

a glossier life part 3

we have reached our conclusion!

the optional: but not really, i mean come on, i've saved the best for last.

May 28, 2015

a glossier life part 2

#nofilterjustglossier glossier into the gloss phase 1

how did the phase 1 set hold up? i'm going to do a bit of comparison to my previous regimen which had a much higher price point. here we go...

May 21, 2015

a glossier life part 1

i'm a big fan of intothegloss, it should basically be my home page. about a year ago they released their own line of skin care products called glossier (like dossier) and i just had to try it.

in february i finally ran out of everything i'd ever bought, sampled or been gifted. i was ready to try out the phase 1 set. of course there were 2 face masks released as i was ordering so, go big or go home right?

into the gloss glossier phase 1 set beauty skin care
(l - r) soothing face mist, perfecting tint, balm dotcom,
priming moisturizer, magical moon, mega greens

May 14, 2015

hot chocolate run 5k 15k  apple quinoa legos star wars nerd

it's been a long while.

i went back to freelance film work in september of last year and so my life is a tad less structured, which i happen to love. i can be a tad ocd organized but i'm also a problem solver so when the work gets flipped upside down, i dig it. that's probably going to be how this blog is going to go from now on.