July 17, 2012

"secret's in the sauce" or "a little bit of chicken fried"

long before pinterest came along, recipes were passed around by hand. my mamma has a patchwork recipe box on her kitchen counter filled with mis-matched recipe cards from numerous family members and friends. most of the entries are titled after the giver of the recipe -- ex: nana brett's chicken casserole. as a kid i'd flip through them while mamma told me stories about the owner of the delishousness. i dreamed i'd one day have a box just like hers. let's face it, it's 2012. for the past 5 years i've managed to transpose those goodies into a self-built filemaker database (take that high school computer teacher with no imagination).

i sometimes take pride in the fact i can't cook very well. i can bake up a storm, but cooking requires a longer attention span then i can typically muster. the few things i can cook, i choose to cook because they are special to me. perhaps nothing is more special than the aforementioned nana brett's chicken casserole.