February 27, 2013

"chicken dumplings for the soul" or "chicken dumplings on my hips"

a little off topic from my usual posts but something that has been bothering me none the less, my eating habits.

rhoda morgenstern once said of food as comfort, "cottage cheese solves nothing, chocolate can do it all."

not a week goes by that my boss doesn't comment on my choice of lunchtime food. it used to be daily, but it seems 2 years of working together has dulled the shock. in my 28 years before moving to la i can't remember anyone commenting on the composition of my meals. the quantity occasionally, as i'm a tiny person, but never the items i was choosing to eat. while complaining about this to a southern friend over dinner, i finally gained some clarity as to why that may be. my conclusion was supported in the october issue of southern living magazine.

southern living, oct. 2012

February 12, 2013

"i'll start tomorrow" or "maybe next week"

have you notice there's been no posts for a while, all 3 of you? i'd like to say there was a good reason but, no such luck. just good old fashion laziness, that does in fact end next week.

since the last post i've done 2 runs: san diego color run and santa monica/venice santa run. i had a blast at both.

for the color run i ventured out with a few of kadi's disney co-workers. it was more of a walk run in the end, but still fun. i was totally prepared to run the entire thing, only 5 k after all. i was not prepared for the effect the color had on me. it's all natural, colored corn starch. talk about dehydration, powder in my lungs, up my nose, the first color was red and i felt like i was running thru that sandstorm ethan hunt ran thru in ghost protocol. the difference being, we animated that sand, this dust was real. none the less, it was fun, see the before and after.