May 28, 2015

a glossier life part 2

#nofilterjustglossier glossier into the gloss phase 1

how did the phase 1 set hold up? i'm going to do a bit of comparison to my previous regimen which had a much higher price point. here we go...

May 21, 2015

a glossier life part 1

i'm a big fan of intothegloss, it should basically be my home page. about a year ago they released their own line of skin care products called glossier (like dossier) and i just had to try it.

in february i finally ran out of everything i'd ever bought, sampled or been gifted. i was ready to try out the phase 1 set. of course there were 2 face masks released as i was ordering so, go big or go home right?

into the gloss glossier phase 1 set beauty skin care
(l - r) soothing face mist, perfecting tint, balm dotcom,
priming moisturizer, magical moon, mega greens

May 14, 2015

hot chocolate run 5k 15k  apple quinoa legos star wars nerd

it's been a long while.

i went back to freelance film work in september of last year and so my life is a tad less structured, which i happen to love. i can be a tad ocd organized but i'm also a problem solver so when the work gets flipped upside down, i dig it. that's probably going to be how this blog is going to go from now on.