July 23, 2014

comic book love - vol 1

happy comic book day! i love the big bang theory. i jumped on the bandwagon a little late but i'm totally caught up and still enjoying the reruns. some of my favorite episodes are when the girls venture to the comic book store. while i have yet to encounter a store packed with the stereotyped comic book nerds frequenting the store from big bang, i have gotten a few "what's she doing here" looks. luckily my favorite store, house of secrets, has a resident nerd girl so i feel right at home.

house of secrets comic book

my taste in comics is about as far reaching as my taste in music. i'll read / listen to just about anything someone i trust is willing to sell me. here's a few suggestions i'll try and sell you.

July 8, 2014

matcha mochi yogurt pops

on monday i proudly posted to instagram ...

matcha mochi yogurt pops
i made mochi!

posting that was much easier than the actual making of the mochi. what began as a lark to make some popsicles i saw on pintrest turned into a half day scavenger hunt around santa monica.

July 3, 2014

lentil curry chicken

as lorelai gilmore once said "with tater tots i can just rip and dump." this isn't tater tots (tho i do eat those on a near weekly basis) but it's pretty much rip and pour.

i claim to be a big fan of crock pot cooking. i say "claim" because tho i'm a "fan" i don't cook crock pot meals very often. the main reason is that the 8-6 hour cooking time isn't always convienent. i have to have this cook overnight and if i'm just a few minutes late putting it on, morning ruined. i really shouldn't blame the crock pot, it's poor planning on my part really.

lentil chicken curry crockpot meal
all you need

July 1, 2014

i've been stuck in a toy box

it's been awhile and i don't really have an excuse. not much has been going on, except for the awesomeness at the end of this entry. welcome back!

as a kid i had a small box of legos, just enough to build a house with half a roof. legos were a tad pricey and i spent most of my time glued to my game boy. there weren't nearly as many kits as there are today, i think pirate ship and robin hood were about it. my best friend had robin hoods castle, i played at her house a lot. i'm super jealous of kids today as the massive options for legos, but silently laughing b/c there's no way my mom can say no when i just have to have some. (ok, i laugh out loud)

if you read my first house guest entry, you know that i have a little thing for legos. if you haven't read it, go have a look b/c lego land is awesome! also, there's me with lego luke sykwalker --->

the last year has been all about the legos for me. first there was the to scale star wars x-wing in ny.

star wars lego new york nyc chewie r2d2 c3po darth vadar boba fett
x-wing in times square