October 22, 2015

my "slight" youtube addiction

it began innocently enough, i wanted to check out a video game before i committed to buying it. it devolved into me spending a saturday selecting "next" in playlists on youtube. the same thing happened with beauty.

one minute i'm watching grace helbig do a "sweater weather" tag, whatever the hell that is, and the next thing i know i'm on ingrid nilsens' channel who tagged her learning how to tightline my eyes. wow, i've always wondered about that. looks a little painful. oh look, there's a video about how to use the concealer, i knew i was doing it wrong.

several videos and "vlog" playlists later, i discovered fleur de force. the english accent, the english countryside, the dogs, that hair, i was hooked. there's something about having a person talk at you about a product that isn't going to make a commission off of it so much less annoying than a customer service rep.* and what's best, the person on youtube can't interact. if i decide i'm not feeling the product, fast forward, skip. no awkward "um, maybe something else" conversation while they desperately try and convince me that i really need this brand new $100 foundation.

October 15, 2015

it's been a while...

do i title a post like this every 6-8 months? it feels like it. i've been extremely absent and also extremely busy. the thing about life in freelance film is that the work can go from manic busy to snail slow from day to day. since march i've done the same job on 2 different shows and the work flow/pace are completely different.

in the spring i had a steadier, slower paced workflow that allowed for earlier nights and more time to write and plan. since mid-summer i've been on a higher concept show for a smaller production company that requires longer days and leaves little time for writing.

weekends are no longer just meeting up with friends, running, butt school or shopping. they're for getting all the chores done that fell to the way side during the week: dishes in the sink, mountains of laundry, crap i'm out of quarters, how did the milk go bad, why didn't i buy toilet paper last time and how am i going to make the random dreggs of food left in my fridge into a meal.... it can be a bit overwhelming. but i'm trying to make yet another come back. i'm like barbara, endless farewell tours.

i'm getting back into a groove. i've gone to butt school once a week and since my office is now 4 miles from home (the dream in la) i'm better at dragging myself out of bed for a morning run. i also managed to fit in a few fun activities with my friends. here's a brief update, more (hopefully) to follow.

star wars starbucks pumpkin spice latte psl force friday
used the force to get the psl a little early