August 22, 2013

zucchini lasagna

inspired by kiki's tj stir fry, i set off to tj's to get everything i needed for zucchini lasagna. turns out, the recipe is basically meant for a tj's shopping trip. or possibly that's how it's always packaged, but i'm liking my reasoning better.

you may remember the mtv reality show the hills. it was on for a few seasons and followed a girl from laguna beach to la. somewhere along the way she met a lot of ridiculous people and ended up bailing on the show before it's run ended. while the rest of the cast is hanging on to the spotlight for dear life (those of us on the left coast are fully aware it's too cold to really be on the beach in a bikini in march) lauren "lc" conrad stepped out of it and built a fashion house (at khol's and boutiques), written some young adult books (nyt best sellers) and maintains 2 websites (beauty and lifestyle). why should you care? you probably shouldn't, but, it's where i found the recipe. i feel like i just got to my point much like billy from the family circus comic gets from the backyard to the house.