May 24, 2016

minimal-ish travel beauty bag

while i've never been the full on face of make up type, i don't consider myself a minimalist either. my skin is too dry for that!

on my recent overnight trip to prague i was only packing in my backpack so i knew i'd need to streamline even further than i usually do. here's how the packing in went:

minimal-ish travel beauty bag nars glossier laura mercier nest bobbi brown hourglass rimmel max factor aquaphor clarins sephora first aid beauty nintendo orelia gillet wildfox adidas cottonelle calvin klein goddess yoga target wanderlust
the whole load

minimal-ish travel beauty bag nars glossier laura mercier nest bobbi brown hourglass rimmel max factor aquaphor clarins sephora first aid beauty the balm
my face

(clockwise from left to right)

hourglass veil primer: this could have lasted me for 2 days had i thought to bring a clip to secure it. sadly no spf

first aid beauty ultra repair cream: specifically for my hands getting dry from the plane and the cold

laura mercier caviar eye stick in khaki and amethyst. part of the christmas set

laura mercier eye basics in wheat: my go to lazy day essential

sephora sleep mask: rose ultra moisturizing & soothing. any flight longer than an hour angers my skin. this pot is enough for 3 nights worth. i used it when i returned home.

aquaphor advanced therapy: i go nowhere without this. it's a must on my lips at night and can be used anywhere you're feeling dry.

clarins super restorative total eye concentrate: not my current favorite but it's travel sized so i go with it

the balm mary-lou manizer: it' a highlighter, shadow & shimmer, it does it all

nars blush: in deep throat. i was an orgasim devotee until i recieved deep throat in a kit

rimmel london scandaleyes: in black, it's smooth to apply and stays put for hours

max factor masterpiece mascara: i'm missing my tart lights, camera, lashes, but this is a close second

bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base: this has a bit of a citrus scent and no spf. not something i would purchase full sized but it works for travel in cloudy europe

you're probably noticing i didn't pack any face wipes or make up remover, it was by design. usually i take some travel wipes and a small micellar water but since it was just a short trip and i wasn't going full face, i cleansed with warm water only before applying the mask. i also didn't pack a shampoo/conditioner, i had checked out the hotel in advance to make sure they provided that and body lotion as part of the amenities. 

so there you have it, my quick, overnight beauty bag.

tell me: is there anything you can't travel without? anything i should try?

and yes, all of that fit into my backpack nicely.

minimal-ish travel beauty bag north face kate spade swell uniqlo wanderlust


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