July 23, 2014

comic book love - vol 1

happy comic book day! i love the big bang theory. i jumped on the bandwagon a little late but i'm totally caught up and still enjoying the reruns. some of my favorite episodes are when the girls venture to the comic book store. while i have yet to encounter a store packed with the stereotyped comic book nerds frequenting the store from big bang, i have gotten a few "what's she doing here" looks. luckily my favorite store, house of secrets, has a resident nerd girl so i feel right at home.

house of secrets comic book

my taste in comics is about as far reaching as my taste in music. i'll read / listen to just about anything someone i trust is willing to sell me. here's a few suggestions i'll try and sell you.

if you haven't read comics before and aren't quite sure where to start, i suggest getting a trade paperback of a series. you'll be able to read 6-8 books from a series and see if you really want to purchase it on a monthly basis. my favorite book i found after it was done running is y: the last man. vaughn also has a current series in it's 3rd volume, saga, which might be a little hard to find b/c it has become the go to series for introducing someone to comics.

saga comic book graphic novel

if you've been enjoying the avengers movies and batman reboots, there's some new stories to pick up. dc rebooted in 2011 with the new 52. while the dc history has been left intact, the characters were revamped. they also began running a series on my favorite villain, harley quinn.

harley quinn comic book batman

one book so popular i can't get my hands on it is marvel's new ms. marvel about a 16 year old pakistani-american muslim girl from jersey. if that doesn't peak your interest, go read a nicholas sparks book.

in 2013 dark horse began releasing a new star wars series filling in the gaps between a new hope and empire strikes back. the characters are drawn as the original cast and getting some back story has been awesome.

star wars comic book

new for 2014 is the serenity series. serenity picks up after the events of the firefly film serenity. finally some love for those of us still pining for our favorite space western.

serenity firefly joss whedon comic book

also from the whedonverse ...

buff the vampire slayer dollhose joss whedon comic book

buffy & dollhouse continued where the tv shows left off.

there's also comics based on video games, like the new series from dark horse picking up where the reboot video game left off.

lara croft tomb raider comic book

and arkham unhinged, following the success of the arkham video game.

batman gotham arkham comic book

and of course, the avengers. my lovely aunt & uncle bought these for me for christmas. it's interesting to see how the story telling has changed over time, most notably with the more recent comics not having to explain how technology works, since we're basically surrounded by it 24/7.

avengers marvel iron man thor hulk captain america loki comic book any man wasp

question for the peanut gallery

do you have an old favorite / new favorite comic?

do you have a favorite off air tv show you'd like to see continue as a comic? (perhaps a retcon of the ending to lost)

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