July 23, 2015

i play video games

i don't want to say i'm a "gamer girl" for the same reason i don't call myself a "trekkie." i don't feel i have enough cred to make those claims. i do enjoy playing video games and watching all things star trek, but i don't play every game and i can't speak klingon so, all do respect to those who do. moving on.

i'm a fan of all things mario, that damn kart race can ruin a relationship and it's awesome. my best friends and i have a rock band called 502 pussy control, and we're awesome! i spent so many consecutive hours playing lara croft: tomb raider reborn one week that even my dreams were of being ship wrecked on an island. (binge watching arrow when my fingers were cramping didn't help but that's another post.) i still have the original game boy i got for christmas when i was 9, it can still play mario, kirby, home alone, zelda, all the classics. but i still think i'm a little shy of being a "gamer."

lara croft tomb raider xbox playstation
mal is a gamer

last year on a weekend when i was laying on the sofa feeling particularly under the weather, youtube suggested i watch a playthru of a game called "animal crossing: new leaf." way too many hours and videos later, i was hooked. i also realized the only thing lazier than laying on the sofa playing video games all day, was laying on the sofa watching someone on youtube play video games. (but check swimmybird out b/c he's amazing) 4 days later my new yoshi 3ds xl and animal crossing: new leaf cartridge arrived.

so what is this game you may be wondering. it's a fictional town full of anthropomorphic animals and i am their mayor. it sounds weird, but go with it, they're super cute.

i go around town, talking to them, doing some errands for them: picking fruit, finding lost items and building up the town to be a nice place to live.

there's a coffee shop where sometimes i serve coffee.

animal crossing coffee genji the roost

there's a museum where i donate fossils i've dug up, fish and bugs i've caught and works of art i bought from a traveling sales man.

animal crossing aquarium
my favorite place in my game

but how do you win the game? well, you don't exactly. like many sims games, it's all about leveling up. opening all the shops on main street, collecting all the items for the museum and getting as many villagers to move in and out as you can. it's a nice way to wind down.

animal crossing roost resale coffee
just sitting on a stump having s coffee in the snow

and as with any game, i get to do / see things i might not in real life, but i still hope to.

animal crossing cliff diving
a little cliff jumping

animal crossing the roost northern lights
standing under the northern lights

check out my imgur link page to see more of my town.

i know the last two weeks have been a little random nerd/geek heavy. i'll explain a bit why next week and fingers crossed get this blog back on course.


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