July 12, 2016

keeping pace

i've done some runs over the last 4 years, i've blogged about a few. they've been different lengths

color run 5k

venice beach christmas 10k

each of these runs have had the same thing in common, i've just barely finished.

i always start out with the intention of following a training plan. i pin it, calendar it and usually stick to it for about 2/3rds of the time. then i drop off and by the time the run rolls around, i'm still about 2 miles short of the distance, but i run it anyways.

i wanted to do a run in budapest, but none of them fell into a good time frame training wise. a week ago i stumbled upon the night run near buda castle. there's a 7k, 12k, a half marathon and a full. i immediately wanted to sign up for the 12k, but in the end i'm not, and for a very grown up reason i think.

i'm tired of "just finishing."

3 miles is my standard and i would need to add a mile to my long run each week just to get to hit the 2 miles shy of the total mark, again. that's not healthy, and i know how my body will feel afterwards. i've also introduced pilates cycling into my routine which has been a welcome change up, but has introduced new strains on my body that i'm having to work thru.

instead of going in knowing i could "just finish," i'm sticking to the 7k and i'm going to have a really good run, i hope. it's 2 weeks from now, i'll let you know how it goes.

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