January 18, 2016

2016: cha-cha-changes

how many times has that title been used on the overshare sites of the interwebs? i'm willing to bet it's most frequently used on "it's the new year" blog entries.

recently (ok fine, ages ago when i actually posted stuff) i've made brief references to some work changes happening "soon". i've been vague so as not to jinx the whole thing and have it called off. but here it is...

i'm "moving" to budapest.

weird right? who says that. i say "moving" b/c it's a temporary move. an 11 month long temporary move, but temporary still. the reason for the move is that i'm working on a film that will be shooting there. i can't say what, privacy and all, but it's gonna be awesome. i also say "moving" b/c i'll be giving up my current residence in la and putting all my stuff in storage. i'm putting my items in storage rather than subletting b/c 1. my lease does not allow subletting and 2. i don't love it enough to attempt to sneak someone in under the radar.

so there you have it. i'm going to eastern europe, for 11 months, yay/boo... that was me a few months ago, when all i could focus on was: it's cold, it looks like the set of a ww2 film, i don't know anyone other than my co-workers, it's not as euro-star friendly as london, won't i ever get to tour hogwarts?!

london pinterest harry potter hogwarts
hogwarts ... one day

now, 8 weeks and many pinterest boards later, i'm totally stoked. i pinned the shit out of that city and the surrounding countries. if i play my cards right and forego some sleep on the weekends i can probably hit at the very least: prague, vienna, berlin, milan, geneva, barcelona and amsterdam. i plan to fill the passport as much as possible. and, ya know, do a good job at work.

europe pinterest budapest germany london austria italy switzerland france croatia spain romania austria russia
oh the places i'll go

so from here on in this is going to be a pretty travel heavy blog. tips, errors, i'm traveling with my cat so, that should be fun. she's traveled by car and plane around the u.s. before but, a move across the atlantic, it'll be an adventure. from here on in, i'm bilbo.

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