July 6, 2016

mom and dad explore europe - budapest update

the first thing i got asked when i told my friends and family i was spending the year in budapest was "when can i visit?" my parents have both been to europe but at different times. they've been planning a trip to selvacava, italy, where my dad's grandparents immigrated from, for as long as i can remember. they finally got to take that trip, bookended by weekends with me in budapest.

i have to say, budapest - italy - budapest was the right way to do this. they got to visit me and had something to do during the week while i worked. we managed to make it out to a few places i hadn't ventured yet.

i of course took them to the central market, we had some coffee and pastry to start the day. i finally managed to get an unobstructed view from the 2nd floor.

we walked across the liberty bridge and made our way to gellert hill. i've climbed to the top before and given the heat, they decided not to. instead we explored the church in the cave which i hadn't made it into yet.

literally a door into a cave

the main sanctuary

slightly scary confessional, imho

i captioned this the first mobile home

the church was closed in 1951 and sealed up after ww2 when the monks were imprisoned and their leader sentenced to death under the new communist rule. it was reopened in 1991, restored and returned to the monks.

we made our way up to buda castle and walked around the fisherman's bastian and mathais church.

on our way back for dinner we saw an epic stag party.

 the bar for budapest stag parties has now been set to full costume snow white and his many dwarfs.

the following weekend was mom's birthday as well as father's day. unfortunately an air traffic controller strike in rome meant they spent an entire day making their way by train from rome to vienna to budapest.

i of course took them to szimpla on sunday morning for the market and to check out my cheese guy and introduce mom the the gnome.

we had some gelato rosa by the basilica and reveled in hungary's victory (short lived) in the euro cup.

chili chocolate on the outside, chocolate on the inside

sunday was father's day and we explored margaret island a bit. i've run around it and biked thru the center, but this was the first good wander. there's ruins for on old nunnery, a chapel and even a yoga festival going on. there were also some hella big trees.

sadly they had to catch a flight back home sunday night, but i think we had a good adventure.

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