September 25, 2012

"glutton for punishment" or "on a mission from god"

no, i do not actually think i'm on a mission from god, but i try to work in a steel magnolias quote when i can.

the half marathon high is pretty much over. i haven't run since and i'm feeling super sluggish. enter kadi and her suggestion to do a run in november. finally a reason to go out and run. i do enjoy running, but i don't exactly feel the nagging urge to run everyday, at least not until i get into a 4-days-a-week rhythm. then i want to run like - every day.

yesterday i registered for the san diego color run. it's a 5k where every mile ends in being color bombed. it's like tie die with fitness! in addition, i decided to make a 2013 plan with my lovely kiki to do the color run in nyc. the date hasn't been set, but it's looking like mid-august. job willing, i'll be back on the east coast by then (sorry west coasters).

with the weather getting ever-so-slightly (2 degrees) cooler, and the days getting shorter, training should be interesting. (can i call it training anymore?) this run is much shorter: a 5k is pretty much a mile shorter than my daily run. but the change in weather / daylight means facing my absolute least favorite running option: the treadmill.

i hate the treadmill. it's boring and indoors. i don't even care that the work gym has tv's on the equipment; it's still boring. i'm also an uncoordinated mess and have nearly fallen off on several occasions. the temperature doesn't bother me so much, as i'd rather run in the cold than indoors. the lack of daylight is what really hurts me.

my mom has often joked that her energy goes down when the sun does, so lucky for her, she's a morning person. i hate mornings; always have. i run in the evenings, because getting out of bed in time to get in a run before work is damn near impossible.

i still have time to train for november's run before it gets significantly cooler and darker. hell, i got a sunburn last october.

so, which will win? the treadmill or the morning? stay tuned.

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