February 12, 2013

"i'll start tomorrow" or "maybe next week"

have you notice there's been no posts for a while, all 3 of you? i'd like to say there was a good reason but, no such luck. just good old fashion laziness, that does in fact end next week.

since the last post i've done 2 runs: san diego color run and santa monica/venice santa run. i had a blast at both.

for the color run i ventured out with a few of kadi's disney co-workers. it was more of a walk run in the end, but still fun. i was totally prepared to run the entire thing, only 5 k after all. i was not prepared for the effect the color had on me. it's all natural, colored corn starch. talk about dehydration, powder in my lungs, up my nose, the first color was red and i felt like i was running thru that sandstorm ethan hunt ran thru in ghost protocol. the difference being, we animated that sand, this dust was real. none the less, it was fun, see the before and after.



i've got serious ups!

the second run was the santa run, 10k. i'll be honest, i didn't do terribly well and i hadn't really run for weeks. just a few days here and there, so lazy. the best part of this run was all the costumes. there were many jingle bells, i had some in my hair. there was a crossfit team dressed as santa and his reindeer. they were all hooked together, i'm so clumsy, i'd have tripped over everyone. i chose to do this before driving 2 hours to my bosses wedding. my heels stayed on, maybe 30 min that night.

i believe!

so that's all for now. i was hoping to do the hot chocolate 15k but, i think it's a little late to get ready for that. til next time.

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