August 7, 2015

week 2 of (f)unemployment

week 2 started off strong: went for a run on sunday, yoga on monday, run on tuesday and paid for it all on wednesday. it's time to accept that i am no longer as naturally fit as i used to be. i decided to take thursday as a rest day and return to yoga next monday.

monday and tuesday i did a lot of admin around the house. i repacked my work kit and cleared out all the non-office items. i had 5 bags of comic books from when i was walking distance from my favorite shop at disney, getting caught up on those trade paperbacks is on my to do for today. i also worked on a few post drafts from my make shift floor/coffee table "office".

mal gilmore girls karlie kloss smoothie
mal likes to be involved

i've always been someone that needed background noise to work. this week it was gilmore girls on netflix. somehow watching rory start yale makes me feel like i can retroactively make better decisions about school. to the left, the results of my karlie kloss smoothie post.

i ate a little healthier this week, i may do a quick salad round up in the next few weeks. here's a sneak at one of my favorites.

lazy girl chicken salad
lazy girl chicken salad
i dove into a new video game. it seemed like less of a waste of time since i needed to rest my body, at least that's what i keep telling myself. lego harry potter years 5-7 is my new love. i ordered the game knowing i was going to have time off to play it that didn't turn me into a hermit. what i love most about the lego games is the free play option. once you've completed a level you can go back and play it again with other characters you've unlocked while unlocking more items. but i warn you, lego doby dieing is just has heart wrenching as cgi or book doby dieing.

lego harry potter ps3 doby
the feels!

lastly, i did something i've never done before, ever: i went to a movie by myself. i'm not counting the times in college where i had to go to a screening for credit (yes, i was a film student) because i always knew i'd run into someone i knew from class. at 3pm on wednesday afternoon, i took myself to see ant man, alone. while cleaning out my closet last week i found 2 passes to the pacific theaters, no expiration date. going alone didn't feel as weird as i thought it would, the theater wasn't terribly crowded at 3pm on a wednesday, and i've got one ticket left so, another solo outing for me. if you haven't seen ant man yet, go, and stay to the end of the credits: it's all connected!!

have a lovely weekend, i'm off to defeat voldemort.

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