March 15, 2016

from the west coast to eastern europe, how do you dress that?

since i was taking off from los angeles and landing in budapest, i had 2 completely different climates to adjust to. when i left la it was cool and rainy but i was totally comfortable in my leggings and flannel tunic. but i knew when i land i was going to need winter gear.

i have a fairly standard travel outfit: leggings, tunic/pullover top, blanket scarf or zip hoodie and uggs.

is works regardless of the time of year. if i'm doing somewhere very warm, i'll wear sneakers instead of uggs. i tend to alternate between a flannel tunic and a linen one, both from j.crew, depending on the season. i usually take an oversized hoodie because, while not the most stylish, it's not binding when moving around in the air plane seat and the hood also covers most of my head, keeps the light, and other people, out of my face. i left that hoodie in california this time and opted for a sleep mask to block the light.

travel outfit clothing organization international boots scarf

j.crew leggings
alternative apparel tank top
j.crew flannel tunic (similar)
timberland wool socks (similar)
banana republic blanket scarf (similar)
timberland teddy fold down boots

this was my comfy in flight outfit. once i landed in budapest and got thru customs layered up to this.

packing for europe travel outfit columbia american giant sweatpants

i did send a box of clothes ahead with the items we shipped so i wouldn't be totally without if my luggage got lost, luckily everything made it. the weather was pretty mild for the time of year/night so i didn't really need the sweatpants but was glad i had the option. side note: i love these sweatpants! i own them in navy as well.

i also had the misfortune of landing late in paris and missing my connecting flight. meaning mallory and i were stuck in cdg for 7 additional hours in the only terminal not serving wine. always take a power adaptor in your carryon. i had packed/shipped mine and nearly ran the phone and computer down while waiting.

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