February 1, 2012

i can't prove it, but i think i was hoodwinked

last weekend my friend and co-worker kadi (check out her blog) ran a half marathon at disney. this is not the first race i've heard her talk about but it was certainly the longest. it was also the first one she's run in a tutu, and minnie ears. well somehow the frilly accessories made the idea of the half marathon seem more appealing. suddenly i'm going "sure, i'll do one in september." see, hoodwinked.

let me sum up my athletic stamina/ability at this moment in my life: i have a gym membership. i could go to the gym if the mood struck me. there are multiple gyms from silverlake to santa monica ready and waiting to acknowledge my key fob. only 1 of them has, not since the holidays and you could probably count the visits on 1 hand, 2 at most. so what the hell have i gotten myself into and what exactly was i thinking.

i was thinking: i'm 30 and i have no goals, i should probably find a goal. voila, half marathon. i was thinking about the girls night i went to at my friend heathers house (her blog here) where she introduced everyone as "this is name, she and i ran race together," i was the laziest person there. i was thinking that i like my job, i like my beau, i'm working on liking my apt more and the only thing i don't like is how out of shape i feel.

when i got my gym membership too many months ago to admit, all i wanted to do was be motivated enough to go. i've started show the signs of no metabolism, tho no one else seems to notice, i notice and that's what matters. i couldn't find anything to motivate me to get going. my clothes still fit, thanks to the retrograde sizing system in the us what was a 2 is now a 00 or something ridiculous like that so there's no size tag to fear. absolutely nothing could motivate me, except, apparently, a tutu and minnie ears.

i think it's good to start with a half as the goal rather than a 5k or 10k, it seems like the midway point of sanity. i know i could do a 5k, extra innings in the world series caused me to stay on the treadmill longer than planned and man was i surprised. a half marathon is also a long enough period of time for me to be active. i have 2 girl friends who have completed the iron man run, that is not my goal. the only thing i have probably done for 17 hours straight is watch the 1st season of lost and the ncaa men's basketball tournament. i am feeling strangely excited about the prospect of actually achieving the goal. plus i get a medal at the end and i've always wanted one of those.

the good news is it's february and i have 7 months to get ready. that feels like a good amount of time to go from couch potato to runner. so here it is, in print, forever. you'll hopefully be getting frequent updates, i start on monday. enjoying the super bowl being earlier on the west coast so i can get plenty of sleep the night before.

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