February 13, 2012

"week 1" or "how out of shape am i really?"

i'm fully documenting this 1st week so there is proof i did at least 1 week fully.

here's the run plan i've mixed up for myself. there are 4 run days, 2 of them are 2 miles, then a 2.5 and a 3 mile day. i've decided to add the beginner instructions of run 3 minutes and walk 2 minutes until i can do a whole mile of running, after that i will attempt to ditch it.

so monday was supposed to be a 2 mile day. i say supposed to b/c i ended up only having time for just under 2 miles due to another miscommunication between myself and my new alarm app. i finally figured it out, this will not happen again.

tuesday was a rest day and i totally needed it. my legs were like "yesterday, what was that all about?" poor things, have no clue what they're in for.

wednesday started off a bit behind. i was supposed to do a morning run but the beau wasn't feeling well and i was up very late so i opted for an evening run after work and dinner. this also coincided with some rage at the outcome of the unc game. rage is good fuel, i was able to run for longer than the 3 min monday at a decent 5 mph pace. i tried 5.4 for the last half mile, got a little ahead of myself there.

thursday is also a rest day, love that extra 30 min of sleep cause i showered the night before.

friday will forever be known as "i ran a whole mile w/o stopping" day! i didn't exactly mean to, i just got to the end of one song and wasn't sucking wind so i continued on to the next.

saturday was pretty dang awesome, the long 3 mile day and i kicked it's butt. i dragged the beau to the gym with me, he needs the workout as well. he's also a bit of a motivation b/c he's one of those people who can just run, for miles, any time he wants, ugh. i warmed up for a half mile, ran a mile, walked a half mile and then tried to focus on the last mile i was going to run. about a half mile in to that last mile i heard that little voice saying, why don't you walk a little, you've run further than you have in a while, why not slow down a bit and not totally wear yourself out. well god or stuart scott must have heard that voice too b/c at that moment the beau tapped me on the arm and pointed at the tv. there on sports center was the recap from the unc v uva game earlier that day. you may recall my rage from wednesday. i know that no matter how run down i had felt after that game, roys boys felt infinitely worse. saturday morning they played a close game against uva, somehow they managed to put all that wednesday crap behind them and fight thru a close game to pull away with a great win. i figured if they could do that, i could finish the mile. i up'd my speed, focused on my breathing and ran 3/4 of a mile. tar heels!

sunday, a day of rest, or it would have felt like it had i not borrowed my roommates 6 inch heels to go to the grammys. i have a whole new respect for gaga's performance/wardrobe abilities, i nearly ate floor at least 4 times.

current playlist for the 2 - 3 mile workout

intergalactic - beastie boys
sweet emotion - aerosmith
move along - all american rejects
boom boom pow - black eyed peas
so what'cha want - beastie boys
piece of me - britney spears
dirrty - christina aguilera
good girls go bad - cobra starship
tik tok - ke$ha
party in the usa - miley cyrus (don't judge me)
breakaway - kelly clarkson - cool down

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