February 1, 2012

welcome one and, well, quite possibly one

"nothing is impossible. the word itself says i'm possible," so said audrey hepburn, according to many internet sources. when searching for something profound/funny to name my blog, i tried many things. friends quotes, beastie boys lyrics, industrial solvents only sold on infomercials. after a few came up unavailable with suggestions like "it's moo-jen," i moved on to my 2nd fav blog-ish site pinterest (it's the stack of torn out magazine recipes and decor ideas but takes up way less space under my bed). there she was, audreys' face captioned "nothing is impossible," you know the rest. to my not so really surprise that name was also taken, but i chuckled at the suggestion "impossible-jen". let's face it, sometimes, i am. so here we are, we'll see how long we last.

i've had one other blog attempt, it's probably linked here somewhere. that page was mostly filled with loving tributes to the great love of my life, unc basketball. it was the 2007-2008 season, they were supposed to win it all, but they did not. i decided to let the 08-09 team live in a world free from my game day recaps and ya know what, they won it all!

this time i'm sticking to my 2nd fav topic, me. which is good for you b/c that's why you're still reading this, sucker!

enjoy, or move on, i won't know.

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