March 19, 2012

"too much to do" or "too lazy to do"

i've fallen off the treadmill, not literally thank goodness. what started out as a solid 3 weeks of sticking to a training plan of 4 days a week, has become a mad scramble to try to go 2 times a week. why the drop in momentum, let's try to figure that out.

first there was the valentines week that totally threw off the sched. i swapped days due to date plans and then unexpected commitments popped up. i got back on track for a week and a half, then the beau moved apartments. i helped (meaning i packed everything) to get him moved out over the week so we could take some out of town friends to vegas last weekend. i did put my foot down at 10:30pm one night and stormed to the gym. that was the hardest 2 miles i've ever run.

2 miles? you ask, wasn't i on track to 3 miles just a week ago? why yes, yes i was. and like the weekend after valentines when i was a bit under the weather, missing the week to pack up an apt totally kicked my ass. i have to take responsibility, i could have told him to do it himself, even he admits i went above and beyond. i am taking responsibility for it and reminding myself that i have a 10k in may and if i have to spend the hour after it sprawled out on the ground, i'm gonna finish it.

i knew going into this that the physical strength wasn't going to be my biggest problem, it was my mental strength. that's part of the reason i ordered a giving key with "strength" on it, to remind myself to have it. i have an incredibly short attention span and running on that treadmill is damn boring. the weather should warm up soon and i can start changing up the scenery. until then i'll just have to search for additional inspiration. wouldn't you know it, every time i need a little, the tar heels give me a boost. (i'll try to keep this love fest short)

over the weekend i suffered a loss far greater than the $60 i left at the blackjack table (sorry dad, i know it was gas money). while playing the creighton cretins (i've forgotten their mascot, but i know what their players are) acc single season assist and then some record holder kendall marshall went down on a hard foul. i yelled, vegas yelled, it seemed like the nation yelled, "intentional, t him up!" after all, henson was given a technical so early in the game the score had just broken double digits. (totally deserved and totally worth it, in my opinion) kendall shot his free throws and the game resumed. one and a half minutes to go, a w already on the bracket, he subbed out. here comes blue steel! well, not quite yet.

what i didn't notice was the trainer tending to kendall on the bench. unc tweets lit up with #pleasenopleasenopleaseno, kendall was having his wrist examined. then came the news ol' roy had asked the media to leave the room so he could address the team about kendalls' condition, f***. walking around the main floor of the casino, i was the most dejected looking fan whose team had just made the sweet sixteen. the ncsu fans at the roulette table were much happier than me. updates came rolling in, broken wrist, surgery tomorrow, questionable return, at least it wasn't the left. i was heart broken. 3 guys in 1 year, out, henson fighting thru his injury no matter how hard that winky bastard tried to derail him. this had to be some kind of record.

whenever there's a loss or bad news, i wait for adam lucas to write about it before i read anything else. bad news always sounds a little better when adam gives it to you. during a time out, moments after the hard foul, kendall asked the ref if he could dribble the ball and try to shoot. he played for 7 minutes, picked up 3 more assists and didn't sit until the last 1:30. in case you've missed my point, kendall played for seven minutes with a broken wrist. i'm skipping the gym b/c i'm too busy/tired, i suck. i think it's time to tape a picture of kendall to my treadmill, he's the definition of #act tough.


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