April 27, 2012

"crazy roommates" or "spoiled only child"

true story - my sofa is in here

i moved this weekend. it's the first time since i moved to wilmington that i've moved everything in 1 day, well, nearly everything. typically i have a week of overlap and i do the small things gradually. i could have done so here, but the back and forth is just too far to make it logical. as the title suggests, i'm not big on roommates. i've been an only child for most of my pre-college life. i have a half-sister, but she lives with her parents and we've never had to share a room.

when i went off to college, i attended community college my freshman year, no dorm room. i had my own one bedroom apartment, it was great. i didn't have my first roommate until my junior year in college when i moved in with a sorority sister. long story short, we weren't friends at the end of that year.

my 1 awesome experience with roommates came when i moved in to the now (in)famous 502. what do you get when you put 4 best friends in a 3 bedroom house just as summer begins? you get an inflatable pool, tiki torches (inanimate and live), margaritas on tap, hair straighteners chirping round the clock, c-3po in the fridge, ipod dance parties and more inside jokes than a 5 subject notebook could hold. i can honestly say that was the one and only year of my life i actually enjoyed having roommates. (it was only a year b/c there wasn't a 4 bedroom house in wilmington that could comfortably hold us and 2 cats)

so now, after 2 years of roommates in la (3 boys followed by 1 girl), i'm finally moving into my own place. it's smaller, lacks a free of charge washer/drier, and of course, there's no splitting the bills, but it's mine. i'm 2 miles from the beach, something i've been crying about since i left wilmington. i'm a few miles further from work, but no biggie, it ensures i'll get my lazy behind out of bed and get to the gym on time. i'll get some pics posted after i get settled.

* i'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to my mover, he helped me on this crazy move. did you know an ikea sofa (love seat, not full) weighs 126 lbs? neither did we. he single handedly got it on the hand truck, down the ramp and into the living room. if it had been me, it would still be sitting in the back of the uhaul. thanks!!!!!

** i would like assure the 4 roommates i've had in la that i still love you dearly, i just love my own bathroom more :)

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