February 28, 2014

new year, new food contraption

like ariel, i've got gadgets and gizmos of plenty. heaven forbid i fall asleep on the sofa watching network tv and wake up to a late night infomercial, night sleep ruined. when i was 17, my boyfriend and i totally bought some cham-wows after a demo at the nc state fair. so when i saw this demonstration at my neighborhood sur la table, i was hooked. santa was kind enough to drop one under the tree for me, as well as one to my friend kiki (@alovelypuzzle).

i think i was most intrigued by the portability and simplicity of the cooker. lunch has become a sore subject in the office, no one can agree on a place and in an effort to try and curb the trend of me going out to get food, i happily started building my menu. i purchased the companion cook book from the kitchen to the table in 10 minutes which in addition to giving a few quick recipes (a little small on the portions for my taste) also gives cooking times for various foods. let's build a meal!

salmon, green beans, snow peas and lemon pepper. i figured simple was best for my first go round and i'm not sure how thick sauces would stand up in the steam. we are trying to keep it light here. all in all...

this thing is amazeballs

the carrots were a bit over cooked on this first go round. i've had to adjust the cooking time for our beastly microwave at work. this particular dish seems to do best as followed

lekue salmon & veggies
carrots & green beans
2 min on high, then add
salmon & snow peas,
a little lemon pepper for flavor
1.5 min on high, sit for 1 min

i bought everything from trader joe's (my neighborhood store). the carrots, green beans and snow peas were all bagged in the cooler with the salad fixings. the salmon is the frozen alaskan salmon. i let thaw in the fridge over night and then divided into 3 pieces. these should be eaten within 2 day of thawing. if it smells funny, throw it out, it cannot be refrozen. i added more water after the first steaming, just in case. 

this handy dandy little cooker is safe for the microwave and oven, as well as being dishwasher safe. plus it's bpa free. so now i just leave it at work and bring in the fixings. quick and easy, especially on my wallet which is still trying to recover from the holidays. lekue has a ton of products for cooking, baking, food storage, etc, along with recipes and cooking times. just a little step up from the boring bagged lunch.

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