February 14, 2014

hot chocolate 5/15k

true story

having already done the happiest run on earth i figured i should do the sweetest. i was hoping to do this run in los angeles, when it's frozen hot chocolate, but i was out of town for 2013. i fully support any system where chocolate is given as a reward.
america's sweetest race
i have a hard time eating before a run, so having treats provided at the finish line is uber attractive to me. the race takes place in and around petco park, also the location of the color run 5k, and the food options in the area are pretty stellar.

"regular" size bloody mary

largest pancake ever, note the fork
i've decided to attempt the 15k since 5k is my short run. i've been slack since the fall of 2013 and once again did not have time to do the always suggested 10% max increase each week. i did manage to work out upping by half a mile until closer to the run when i went 6,7,8,9 (not recommended, ever).

the hot chocolate 5/15 k benefits the ronald mcdonald house. if you'd like to support click here and make a donation. thanks for the support!

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