February 11, 2014

"get up and go" or "just 5 more minutes"

i have said it before, i will probably say it forever: i am not a morning person, at all. i just love being in bed too much. i've spent the past week pouring over countless articles on "how even you can become a morning person." sadly, there's no easy way, like everything else in life, you just have to do it.

usually my sleep cycle alarm goes off and it's actually not that hard to wake up. guess it really does work with my sleep rhythm. the hard part is getting out of the bed. first there's trying to get the cat off my legs, 10 llbs feels like 50 at 6 am. then there's prying my head off the pillow, it's just so cozy.

once i'm awake i go thru the list of things i need to do to get out the door: shower (never long enough), get dressed (i have nothing to wear), breakfast (who needs it there's coffee at work), lunch (i'll buy something near work), run (maybe tomorrow). this either puts me back to sleep or bums me out so much i set an alarm for 10 more minutes. i am now making a real effort to try and make my morning run days less of a bummer by doing a little prep the night before.

laying out my running clothes, packing my work clothes and packing breakfast and lunch items for the next day.

it's crazy to me that i actually had to think this process thru. i spend my work day being very organized and planning ahead to avoid possible set backs on major films, but in my personal life, i'm way less focused. it's like my work life is monica's apartment and my personal life is the mystery closet.

i'm afraid you might mess it up*

i started laying my running clothes out on my sofa, which i can see from my bed and makes me feel guilty when i hit the snooze button. my work clothes are already in the gym bag and i'm ready to go in about 15 minutes. not a bad system and it makes me go to bed on time since there's more to do than just washing my face and brushing my teeth before i climb into bed.

still can't wait for the time change so i can run after work, but i'm finding it a little easier to get up and go. i also love the extra mood boost first thing monday mornings, even if the 4pm crash comes a little sooner.

*anyone else wonder when monica got the globe? b/c pheobe needed one in the 1st season and all monica had was a globe pencil sharpener. useless fact #394 permanently stored in my brain.

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