May 14, 2015

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it's been a long while.

i went back to freelance film work in september of last year and so my life is a tad less structured, which i happen to love. i can be a tad ocd organized but i'm also a problem solver so when the work gets flipped upside down, i dig it. that's probably going to be how this blog is going to go from now on.

when i had a studio job i did a pretty good schedule of food / life / favorites posts but, that's not really consistent with how freelance is so, as cosima says

orphan black cosima

a few things to look forward to:

glossier review - spoiler alert, it's my new favorite thing

running updates - i'm doing another virtual run

food - i've come up with some super lazy meals due to my weird sched

tv / movies - wow have i been bingeing some shows/series

books / comics - i'm making time to read now so, that's happeneing

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