June 18, 2015

new gear for 2015

i've been pretty good at curbing my gear purchases. i can be very much a gadget person and that just gets costly. but occasionally, purchases have to be made.

i upgraded my garmin thanks to american express. about 6 months ago i cashed in most of my rewards points and purchased the forerunner 15 in teal. it's a lot less bulky than my previous garmin, i love that i can wear it as a watch to track my steps during the day without looking like a deep sea diver.

new gear 2015 garmin forerunner running watch

i reset my running app mapmyrun. i've tried a few different tracking apps but landed on mapmyrun b/c (developers if you're reading) it tracks my gear. when you begin an activity, you choose your shoes, bike, etc and it tracks the mileage and reminds you when it's time to order new gear. i love that b/c i forget. i get hurt and am like, wtf, oh, there's holes in my shoes. (see, not a pro) i also love the start delay feature which allows a grace period to get your phone situated before it begins tracking.

mapmyrun fitness appmapmyrun fitness app

i upgraded my iphone 5 to an iphone 6 which meant upgrading the case and the arm band. here i hit a snag. i won't bore you with all the details, that could take days. the short of it is: the belkin arm band for the iphone 6 has too long a strap for my arm circumference, does not allow for access to the volume buttons on the side of the phone and the earbud port hole was ill-placed, constantly pushing my yurbuds out of the earbud port.

first world problems i know, worrying about how to take my fancy phone on a run safely. i've already expressed the mini-panic attacks i have seeing people tuck them in a waist band or carry without a case. add to that the fact that the other arm bands all came with their own case and i didn't want to have to switch the case out 3-4 times a week. thank the internet for pinterest. behold, my new love: the flipbelt.

new gear 2015 flipbelt running belt
there's another slit on the opposite side (back) to slip the iphone into

a tad info-mercaily i know, but it's the best. it doesn't bounce or shift, isn't bulky and i almost forget that it's there, except that i can hear my sweet tunes. i loath running belts, i had 2 clip on ones and they were the worst. this is the best. my flipbelt is the color carbon in size xs, from amazon. they are sold at rei but they don't appear to carry anything smaller than a small.

nike free 5.0 tr fit fit 5 zappos

i know i mentioned the nike free bionic's in last weeks post but i ended up returning them. after doing the first week of the self challenge i determined i needed a little more stability in the ankle and toe. i ended up ordering the shoes i had planned to purchase, nike free 5.0 tr fit 5 pictured above. they weren't on sale but i used a zappos voucher i've been hoarding for a few months, so in the end, the dollars i spent were about the same.

and lastly, the kettlebell and yoga gloves purchased for the self 30 day summer challenge.

so that's the new gear.

tell me:

what new items have you added to your kit?

anything you're planning on adding in the future?

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