June 4, 2015

a glossier life part 3

we have reached our conclusion!

the optional: but not really, i mean come on, i've saved the best for last.

glossier into the gloss mega greens galaxy pack face mask
detox for your face

i've never used masks on a regular basis, saving them for special "pamper myself days." as a child, my mom would steam her pores opens over a hot pot of herb water, put on a mask of egg and oil and take it all in. i just could not sit still long enough to get the pores even sweaty so i never understood the real value of the mask. until now.

glossier has taught me that any day can be a special pamper myself day! and should be.

glossier into the gloss mega greens galaxy pack face mask hand

this detox mask is thick and a tad gritty (orange peels i think). goes on smooth and dries with out feeling tight like some powder "just add water" masks i've tried.

glossier into the gloss moisturizing moon mask facs mask
drink up

this hydrating mask is a smooth gel that cools and soothes. i have sensitive skin so there was a slight warm/tingle when applied. i fanned my face with a bb&b coupon always laying around and the sensation passed. i didn't notice any adverse effects in the end, just soft, plump skin.

glossier into the gloss moisturizing moon mask hand

both masks say to use as often as you like. moon mask being a follow up to the mega greens. i've experimented over the weeks and have found my perfect balance.

monday is now "mega greens monday." i put it on before i hop in the shower and it's ready to come off by the time i'm out and done brushing my teeth. follow with the normal phase 1 skin care.

glossier into the gloss mega greens galaxy pack face
mega greens galaxy pack

i typically run on tuesday and thursday evenings after work so my skin is a bit dry from 2 showers in one day. i put the mask on after i've washed the sweat off my face and hop in the shower. it's ready to come off by the time i'm out and have fixed a plate for dinner. i follow with the mist and my nightly serum and moisturizer routine.

glossier into the gloss moon mask face mask face
moon mask

if i'm feeling particularly dry that week, i'll do the mega greens followed immediately by the moon on sunday while i catch up on orphan black (where are these mangoes, am i right?). i skip mega green monday and pick up again with the moon on tuesday.

this routine is actually keeping my skin hydrated all day and not needing to use so much of the priming moisturizer. at $22 each for 3 oz of masks, it's hardly a bank breaker.

so that's my new glossier life, give it a whirl. if you can't be without your heavier foundations, at the very least give the masks and balm dotcom a try, you won't be sorry.

also, i plan on visiting the glossier pop up shop in the santa monica nasty gal this weekend. i see another balm dotcom tube in my future. check out @jenbrett twitter for pics.

if you have any questions about the products, leave a comment below.

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