June 23, 2015

update - the self magazine 30 day summer challenge

so week 4 is here and everything hurts! ok, maybe not hurts, but there is definitely some aching, in a good way.  i’ve enjoyed the last 4 weeks of scheduled butt kicking, not to commandos really but i no longer fear the burpee.

my only complaint about this regimin is there is an awful lot of jumping. i’ve had soccer knees since i was in my teens and running is about as high impact as i get. i think the constant jumping of the last month, prob not the best idea.

that being said, i am going to keep a few of exercises and keep up the non-run day training.

any circuits you suggest?

week 3

the only update i have this week is that i finally managed to finish a full set of commandos which meant the arms & abs pair was done in under the 10 minutes allotted for the session per self magazine.

i switch from doubling up on the arms and butt to abs and body as well.

i don’t think i’ll be making it thru more than one of each circuit anytime soon, but it’s getting easier.

next week – 4 days!!!!

week 2
self 30 day summer challenge week 2 circuit workout

i added some gear in week 2 and it greatly helped. my hands weren’t slipping on the carpet/yoga mat/floor and my feet had less rigid stability.

i purchased the gaiam yoga gloves from my local target store, but amazon also has them for a little less (free shipping with prime).

gaiam yoga gloves

i mentioned earlier this week that I’d returned the shoes from the outlet because i decided they didn’t have enough support for me. i started week 2 with the nike free 5.0 tr fit 5. they offered much more support.

nike free 5.0 tr fit 5

after week 1 i determined my arms are def my weakest body part. all the up / down / forearm / push up was the hardest circuit to get thru. so when it came time to double up in week 2 i chose arms and butt, b/c this was part of a bikini get ready motivation after all.

while the challenge says to do “as many circuits as you can” in 10 minutes, i quickly realized that getting thru a complete circuit for each focus area was probably going to take the full 10 minutes. i decided to focus on completing the full circuit first and work up to doing more in 10 minutes. the commando move in the arms circuit is the most difficult for me.

teaming up the butt with the body really works your legs. i made the mistake in week 1 of doing this the day before my long run, never again. my calves were not happy with me.

week 1

in anticipation of my friend kadi's july b-day beach bash, i decided to take on the self 30 day summer challenge in addition to my regularly scheduled 3 runs per week. i am also really lazy about fitting in cross training so, 2 birds right?

check out my new kettel bell!

self magazine fitness summer circuit challenge abs arms body butt kettel bell 30 day 4 week
tiny but tough
the challenge came in my may issue of self magazine. the idea is to do the circuits in pairs, increasing in frequency each week, fitting in as many complete circuits as you can in 10 minutes. this is in addition to 2 or 3 cardio workouts a week. my current running sched is 30 min on tuesday and thursday, followed by a long run on sunday.

how did it go?

music rotation: bang bang, welcome to new york, problem (glee version)

week 1 - pair of circuits 2 days a week

self magazine 30 day fitness challenge

abs - i have serious trouble keeping my back flat on the ground during ab work. i suspect it's got something to do with the spine curve : butt size ratio. anyone else have this problem? i did make it thru the ab circuit, but it wasn't easy.

arms - i couldn't finish this circuit the first go round. my hands were slipping all over the mat, i decided to invest in some yoga gloves before next week. and that up down arm push up thing, oy!

self magazine 30 day fitness challenge

butt - it seemed simple enough, but about 5 into the lunge & lift i was wondering what i got myself in to. i'm glad this is a blog not a vlog, b/c me trying to tuck jump is not a pretty sight.

body - i know, seeing the word "burpee" makes me want to close the browser too. i'm not great, but i'm getting better.

i don't know why i thought teaming up the work outs with the most jumps seemed like a good idea. must have been my ocd keeping the "a" and "b" together, next week i mix it up. i also decided that some trainers geared more toward hiit may be in order.

if you want to join in, click here to go to the self magazine site

stay tuned...

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