April 26, 2016

10 favorite travel apps

as i've mentioned before, the prospect of a year in budapest initially bummed me out. but then i got on kayak and saw all places i would go for a quick weekend trip and cheered up pretty quickly. i've been in budapest nearly 3 months now and have found some apps i could not get thru this year without. wether going on holiday or spending a year abroad, here are my most used apps for travel. (i'm not including google maps, b/c i use that everyday everywhere, even at home)

bonus - they're all free!

i use this for all my personal documents i might need to access away from my computer. i prefer it to dropbox for political reasons that i won't bore you with. it's encrypted and i keep scans of my passport, drivers license and work permit stored there, just incase. it came in very handy when i needed to email the airline mallory's travel permit at the check in desk. not getting a screen grab of this!

see how much is costs in your native land, weighs, length. just don't use this after you've handed your cash over to an exchange agency, you'll cry. the hungarian forint (huf) which i call the hufflepuff, has a crazy exchange rate. hungary isn't totally on the euro yet. you'll be shocked when your bill is 5,000 huf but that's only really $18.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 convert free

this is like my brain, i keep so much here. recipes, to do lists, clothing sizes and for travel: packing list and rough schedule of what to see/do whereever i'm headed. i love the desktop intergration on my laptop. i still use apple reminders for grocery lists and reminders, but everything else goes to the green elephant.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 evernote
prepping for prague

rail planner for eurorail if you're in a city that connects. paris metro was my go to over easter. i was able to find the nearest train or bus station and get suggested routes. the bast part is they work offline, so no need to pay the data fees if you're plan isn't international roaming friendly.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 rail planner
a short day trip?

holy cow, could not get by with out this. hungarian is an extremely hard language, the locals tell me it's nearly impossible to learn. the live photo option is amazing. just select the languages, point the camera at the text and watch it translate. sometimes the direct translation is pretty funny. it works ok with handwriting, but hardly ever fails with printed text. no need to worry if there's not an english menu.

top 10 free travel apps 2016google translate
not the best photo op but still a great app

i didn't really use this until a few months after i got to budapest, i didn't really see the point. then my beau pulled it up when we were stumped for a place to eat dinner and i saw the light. meal planning when i'm traveling is something i'm terrible at, so having a handy suggestion on me at all times helps avoid the hangry.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 trip advisor
more prepping for prague

obvious i know but i that's why it's a top 10. i love that i can book all my plans on different sites, forward it to tripit's "plans" email and the app organizes the itinerary for me. no need to worry you've mad a mistake with time zones, contact info, etc. i haven't upgraded to tripit pro, i don't really have the need. i like that i can share the itinerary with other travelers.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 trip it
prague for 36 hours...coming soon

i was happy to discover uber exits in budapest. i've used it to get the the airport and a few times when i knew the public transport wasn't going to get me somewhere in time. it's so nice to not have to go thru cash/credit card payment with the driver, especially with language barriers. uber is also integrated into google maps, so you can request a pick up within the google maps app.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 uber
so far only uber x in budapest

text with your friends/family no matter where you are. i only use the free version which does not include phone calls. the stickers that come in the app are so cute. it's a simple alternative if you're worried your imessage will fail. there's a desktop app for viber as well.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 viber
group chat with my girls

this has been my favorite weather provider for years. my dad told me it was the best and from a man who only paid for cable so we could get the weather channel, that was saying something. the hourly view is great. it's usually more accurate, imo, than apple weather which is powered by the weather channel. i love the hourly view, not loving the rain predicted in blue.

top 10 free travel apps 2016 wunderground
go away rain

so those are my go to travel apps. are there any you think i should add? convert free evernote rail planner google translate trip advisor tripit viber wunderground uber top 10 travel apps you need now springe 2016
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