May 28, 2015

a glossier life part 2

#nofilterjustglossier glossier into the gloss phase 1

how did the phase 1 set hold up? i'm going to do a bit of comparison to my previous regimen which had a much higher price point. here we go...

glossier into the gloss soothing face mist rosewater

step 1: soothing face mist

i have been using caudaile beauty elixir as soon as i get out of the shower each morning to start my face routine. i love the scent, the cool mist and feel it adds a bit more moisture to my very dry skin. it also adds to my credit card bill. at $18 for 1 oz, it's an item used sparingly (ie: only on work days).

the soothing face mist, for me, performed better. now it could be that i was spraying a bit more due to the size of the bottle, a 4 oz spray nozzle gives a bit more product than a 1 oz. but with a matching price point, $18 for 4 oz, spray away!

glossier into the gloss priming moisturizer face primer

step 2: priming moisturizer

my go to step 2 has always been a moisturizer followed by a primer, clarins multi active day early wrinkle ($59 for 1.7 oz) and nars pro-prime multi-protect ($34 for 1 oz) being the last in rotation. i've tried using just one or the other and the results are dry skin of make-up disappearing.

the priming moisturizer claims to be a 2 in 1, prime and moisture, being "buildable" depending on how your skin was that day. i loved it. as someone who's skin is very dry, i use more product than is probably "average" on a daily basis, but at only $25 for 1.7 oz of a single product versus a moisturizer and primer, i'm willing to re-purchase more frequently. (but i may not have to, more in part 3)

glossier into the gloss balm dotcom lip haul
i have really dry lips

step 3: balm dotcom

my lips are epically dry. i've been peeling them for as long as i can remember. sitting at my work desk is: 1 tub of aquaphor, 1 tube smith's rosebud salve, 1 tin smith's rosebud salve and 1 random berry lip blam. there's an equally impressive stash in my purse and a bite lip mask on my night stand. that's what it takes to get me thru the day. (and dr pepper lip smaker just b/c)

after using balm dotcom, those products get opened a lot less. one application in the morning and i'm good to go. i've used it on my cuticles as well, which are also very dry. this stuff is amazeballs and at $12 for 0.5 oz, a lot more affordable than, well, all of the above. (if you're a lipstick wearer, i suggest applying at night as it's a hell of a barrier and if you apply in the morning, your lipstick is going to be all over that first starbucks lid)

glossier into the gloss perfecting tint bottle
this is medium

step 4: perfecting tint

i've never been a fan of full on foundation. i think it's left over trauma from being a child of the 80's. joan cusick in working girl, am i right? laura mercier tinted moisturizer has been my go to since getting the flawless face kit 5 yrs back. it's just enough to not be totally naked and $44 for 1.7 oz is pretty reasonable.

i love this perfecting tint. it's super thin but gives a great even tone at the same time. the polymer x must be what dr. plutonium mixed in to make the power puff girls because this stuff is like a super power. it's absolutely your skin but better. like being naked under the most flattering instagram filter. it is, however, very thin. so if you have acne prone skin or heavy discoloration, it's probably not going to give you enough coverage. but perhaps the "optional" steps could help with that. (see part 3)

end result, no filter just glossier (and a little nars deep throat).

#nofilterjustglossier glossier into the gloss

it's too early in the morning for a smile, ha! right before this post went up, i received and email about the glossier pop up at the nasty gal in santa monica next weekend. i will most definitely be there.

next time...masks!

if you've got any questions about the products, leave a comment below.

if you haven't read part 1, click here

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