May 21, 2015

a glossier life part 1

i'm a big fan of intothegloss, it should basically be my home page. about a year ago they released their own line of skin care products called glossier (like dossier) and i just had to try it.

in february i finally ran out of everything i'd ever bought, sampled or been gifted. i was ready to try out the phase 1 set. of course there were 2 face masks released as i was ordering so, go big or go home right?

into the gloss glossier phase 1 set beauty skin care
(l - r) soothing face mist, perfecting tint, balm dotcom,
priming moisturizer, magical moon, mega greens

what's all this?

step 1: soothing face mist

into the gloss-skin care-beauty-Glossier-Soothing-Face-Mist
key: rosewater, aloe, glycerin

the soothing face mist contains rose water and aloe for added moisture. i've been using caudile beauty elixir after showering for a few months and love it. something about spraying my face when i'm just out of the shower is amazing. could this live up to the high end predecessor?

step 2: priming moisturizer

Glossier-Priming-Moisturizer-into the gloss skin care beauty

key: hyaluronic acid, mushroom super hydrator, anti-redness complex, oxygenating agent, vitamins a, c, e and radish root

the priming moisturizer is a "buildable" primer to moisturize, even out texture and tone. the build means you can add more or less depending on how your skin is fairing that day, but more on that in a bit. typically i do a moisturizer and then a primer before going to the tint, was the glossier 2 in 1 going to be enough?

step 3: balm dotcom

Glossier-Balm-Dotcom-into the gloss skin care beauty

key: castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, cupuacu fruit extract, rice bran & rosemary leaf extracts

a do everything skin salve for those particularly dry areas. it apparently keeps your lips soft all day. as a sufferer of chronic chapped/cracked/peeling lips, i was most excited about this product.

step 4: perfecting skin tint

Glossier-Perfecting-Skin-Tint-into the gloss skin care beauty

key: diamond powder, glycerin, polymer x

how can you not buy make up packaged like puff paint? i love the "your skin but better" look of my laura mercier tinted moisturizer, but would the lighter coverage of the skin tint be too light?

optional (but come on, not really)

mega greens galaxy pack

Glossier-Mega-Greens-Galaxy-Pack-into the gloss skin care beauty

key: leafy greens, bitter orange peel, creamy white clay, avocado oil, aloe, super fruit antioxidant blend

described as a juice cleanse for your face, this is a clay base mask mixed with all the leafy greens you should be eating but aren't. said to be purifying, balancing, refining and nourishing, it's a lot to live up to.

moisturizing moon mask
Glossier-Moisturizing-Moon-Mask-into the gloss skin care beauty

key: oxygenating agent, natural emollients, licorice root, lemon extract, hyaluronic acid, honey and aloe

a hydrating and brightening gel based mask said to sooth, oxygenate, condition all while being gentle on the skin. i have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to treatment, so gentle is key.

how did they stand up? next time...

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