May 27, 2016

fitness friday

i'm getting a bit ambitions by naming this "fitness friday." it's put me in the box of posting fitness items on friday. i'm not a fan of boxes, unless i can make them into a fort, but here i am.

the official motto of 502

while my 3 best friends were visiting 2 weeks ago we had a near fitness fail. we were forced to run from a late uber to the wrong track to the correct track on the opposite end of the station to catch our train to sopron. collapsing into our seats we were pretty out of breath. thus began the "y'all, we're in our 30's, we gotta get our butts in gear."

the plan is simple, we're exercising and over sharing with each other. from map my run, to snapchat, to our own pinterest board, we're trying to keep each other accountable.

i've also decided i'm running another half marathon, the first in 4 years, while in budapest, in the middle of filming. i'm having second thoughts even as i type that sentence. but look where i get to run

rubber track around margret island

quite a view

and here's my current favorite work out kit

fitness friday nike athleta h and m

nike miler tank: has a headphone loop at the back, which i love

h&m sports bra (similar): i have to have the hooks in the back

athleta be free kicker capris: i have 3 pairs of these. i love the pockets at the side and the zip pocket in the back

so here's my attempt to keep accountable and engaged with the blog: fitness friday.

see you next week with something worth while to read.

also, i think i'm buying a bike, thoughts?

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