June 7, 2016

european rail trip - part 2 vienna

when last we met we had explored sopron and were on our way to vienna. i have to say, the train ride from sopron to vienna was much more scenic than from budapest to sopron. but moving on.

we arrive in vienna shortly after 1pm. we had planned on dropping our bags off at our air bnb only to discover the host thought we were coming the following day, do you see the theme continuing? it was going to take her an hour or so to get to us so we lugged our bags to a near by cafe we'd heard recommended. it was sooo good.

cafe landtmann

after stuffing ourselves to the point of pain, we waddled back to the air bnb to refresh for the rest of the evening. first stop was prater, the amusement park with a ferris wheel made of train cars. it had a breathtaking view.

wiener riesenrad

there was a super cute date going on in car 6

what a view

sunset from the ferris wheel was definitely a good idea. next we headed to dinner and then to a roof top bar for drinks. das loft is at the top of the sofitel and, had it not been 10pm when we arrived, probably had a great view. it certainly had an awesome projected ceiling.

view from my table up thru the aperol

i'm a ghost!

it was around 2am when we poured ourselves back on to the metro to head home. the following day we explored the city a bit, hitting all the likely places.

vienna opera house

imperial butterfly house
albertina museum

st stephen's cathedral

we had lunch in what was quite literally a dungeon. the food was so good we ate it before anyone thought to take a photo.

zwolf apostelkeller restaurant

sadly then it was time to hop the train back to budapest. it was quick and sweet, but totally worth it.

until the next adventure...

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