June 3, 2016

fitness friday 6.3.16

today i'm going thru some of my favorite apps, free and not.

map my fitness: an upgrade of sorts from map my run, b/c you don't need more than one "map my" from the same company. my friends and i like to give each other transatlantic encouragement. i'll be tracking my bike rides soon as i plan to purchase a bike this weekend. love the 30 second delay on the "start" feature, gives me time to get myself situated before the playlist begins.

favorite fitness apps: map my fitness

fitbit: syncs with my fitbit charge hr. tracks distance, track and calorie intake if you let it. i also like that when it's in bluetooth mode, the fitbit alerts me of a phone call on my iphone. very handy when my phone is tucked in my flipbelt.

favorite fitness apps: fitbit charger hr

interval timer: for those times i'm crazy enough to attempt an hiit session on my own. you can set the intervals and the total time.

favorite fitness apps: interval timer

zombies, run: a paid app but fun little adventure. you can control whether you want to do a standard run session or have zombies chase you for intervals. either way, the english accent in your ear along the way is soothing.

favorite fitness apps: zombies run

yoga wake up: the newest to me app. helps me namaste in bed, literally. it's hard to get up wednesday mornings, but this helps. both free and paid sequences available.

favorite fitness apps: yoga wake up

snapchat: my friends and i are snapping our fitness to each other to stay motivated. a sweaty faced friend is the best look.

favorite fitness apps: snapchat

until next week...

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