July 7, 2015

sorry i've been away...

the last 2 weeks have been a little crazed. what was supposed to be wrapping up my work on one show before i went on to the next ended up having a quick trip to new york thrown smack in the middle of it.

my dad called monday night (june 28) and said that the family was headed to new york b/c my grandapa was in the hospital, so much for 2 posts that week. i arrived back in los angeles at 2am the following monday and had to start the new job that week, no time to prep posts for that week. i'm a little more settled now so, until the regular content begins on friday, here's some fun from new york. 

said farewell to the gnomes at marvel

mal really wanted to go

the fam

legoland discovery center westchester

king kong

lady liberty

grand central

tardis in the park

me and a cousin with merlin

sweet roof addition i did to a house

star trek tng

fashion week

the husdon

dark chocolate salted caramel at molly's

just some of my besties

ghostbuster fire house

i spent most of the week in yonkers but made it to manhattan for 24 hrs and saw some friends before i flew home. grandpa is doing well, they're working on a treatment plan but i'm glad i got a good visit in. he was totally lucid enough to kick our butts a poker friday night. i also ate more dunkin dougnuts than i care to admit. now, back to the grind.

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