July 31, 2015

week 1 of (f)unemployment

this week began my first week of unemployment. it's also my first round of unemployment in 5 years, it's a little weird.

i work freelance in film and my show wrapped for some additional research needs. this happens all the time, sometimes they come back and everyone starts working again, many times the films go back to the shelf to be made at a later date. fingers crossed this one comes back again soon, but until then, unemployed.

this past week i took advantage of the down time. i binge watched some netflix, managed to finish fringe, get as far caught up on bones and criminal minds as i can. please release season 10 on streaming soon!

a few highlights from the week:

monday i tried a new yoga class. since i don't work regular/set hours, spending money on a gym membership seems like a waste, especially in la where gyms are super expensive. groupon deals are where it's at. i bought a 10 session pass to laughing frog yoga, based mostly on the name but i also read some reviews on yelp to make sure i had a good feel for which instructors to take. i have another class today so, maybe a round up next week. maybe i'll also get s better yoga mat?

ratmat pro yoga mat yoga towel

tuesday i did some home/work admin. working freelance i've already had 3 employers of record this year so i need to keep my pay stubs straight. i used to just toss them in a box and wait until tax time to see if anything was wonky. good thing b/c one year a payroll company made a mistake on my forms stating i'd had no takes taken out. after a day of organizing everything, i was able to prove with pay stubs that they made an error and i had in fact had taxes taken out. i'm a little ocd about it now.

wednesday i went for a run. 10 am in santa monica and at 72 degrees, 81% humidity and direct sun, man was it hot. i'll be going earlier or later from now on. i'm looking forward to having the down time to work out, i've got a virtual nerd run in october and i have a distance i want to hit, but i'm really not there yet. i also bought a baseball.

thursday afternoon i drove to walnut, ca for the first time. a friend of mine from back home, my first house guest actually, texted me earlier in the week to say his 9 yr old nephew was headed to the pony u9 world series and the game was in california. i've never met the star but i knew his mom growing up so of course i had to go. they lost the first game but have a second this evening, go west raleigh!

now it's friday and i'm headed to yoga with a different instructor. see you next week. i think i'll cook something this weekend, we'll see.

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