July 10, 2015

lately i've been

i was able to prep this post while on the plane from nyc so, here we go!

lately i’ve been…

since i’ve recently started posting again i decided to on this survey i saw on peanut butter fingers blog so we could all get better acquainted.

cooking: my own lunch for work. it’s mostly some lazy variations of chicken breast and rotating bases and toppings, ie. rice, salad, pasta. i’m going to get into that in next tuesdays post.

drinking: sweet tea, just like mamma used to make. it’s gotten pretty warm in los angeles over the last few weeks and i was craving so sweet iced tea. i make it the same as my mom has my whole life. 2 lipton family sized tea bags, boiled water as directed and a cup of sugar. hits the spot.

reading: yes please! by amy pholer. i’ve loving the memoirs of strong, funny women. i finished it on my trip last week (flying to ny to visit my grandpa in the hospital). now i’ll move on to “i remember nothing” by nora ephron, gifted to me by secret santa (kiki!) this year.

wanting: some protection for my laptop. i haven’t quite figured out what i want to do: snap on, gel skin or just a sleeve for carrying. thoughts?

yeti skin

top case

mochi pouch

playing: animal crossing new leaf (since last summer) and the tomb raider relic run app for the iphone. relic run is holding me over until the winter when rise of the tomb raider comes out. i apologize in advance for everyone i ignore once it arrives.

loving: mask force from glossier. my skin has been so clear and hydrated lately, it’s awesome. check out my review here.

wearing: scarves, like every day. the last office i was in was super cold, but the weather outside is blaze hot. i started wearing scarves in the office to dress up my basic shirts and keep warm.

noticing: how much better i feel since i added the shape challenge circuits to my routine. it’s also made my runs seem easier so i’m definitely keeping them in my weekly routine.

thinking: about everything, my brain feels like it never shuts off. it runs the gamut from “what should i have for dinner tonight” to “did the new ms marvel get her powers from the terrigen crystals skye accidently sent into the ocean in the season finale of agents of shield.” my stream of consciousness feels more like power channel surfing that randomly stops when it spots something shiny. oh, shiny, i should watch firefly again.

feeling: equal parts overwhelmed and excited. i’m going from one film to another with no break between. i realized this week that if the new job goes thru prep and shooting without any hiatus, i’ll have been working non stop for 2 years. it’s great to be employed but come christmas 2016, i may be one grumpy jen.

bookmarking: chelsea boots. i’m a little late to the bandwagon but i’ll be adding them to my closet come fall.

top shop margot booties
top shop margot booties

opening: gifts from my villagers on animal crossing. seriously, if you’ve got a 3ds, go play it.

that's about it. i'm going to spend sunday afternoon prepping the rest of the week so post will (hopefully) be on time!

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