July 16, 2015

girls are super heroes too

in the spirit of keeping the comicon fun going for one more week, i thought i'd take a moment to shine the light on some of my favorite female comic book heroes.

first and foremost, wonder woman. as seen in my food clubs she presides over my kitchen and protects my wine. while her stand alone movie is still in limbo, we'll get to see her in action in dawn of justice. until then, enjoy this fan made wonder women video starring the beautifully strong rileah vanderbilt.

via rainfall films youtube

marvel comics spider gwen

don't you just need that hoodie? spider gwen takes place in the spider man multi verse. peter parker has died and gwen has been given his powers. also, she's in a band called the mary jane's with mj watson. i also need a band t-shirt.

marvel comics ms marvel
via marvel comics

i mentioned kamahla khan in my comics vol 1 post. carol danvers is now captain marvel, soon-ish to be a stand alone film from marvel (but seriously, where's black widow). due to a terrigan mist spreading over manhattan, kamahla's inhuman abilities are unleashed and she takes on the mantel of ms marvel. sound a little familiar? watch season 3 of agents of shield, it's all connected!

dc comics gotham academy

a bit like hogwarts* but in gotham. olive has returned from a rough summer where something mysteriously happened to her mother. batman was somehow involved and she's not a fan of the dark knight. what really happened? what's the secret buried beneath the school? all will be revealed by the pizza club.

*thanks to jk rowling for creating a world where any media taking place in a boarding school will be referred to as "like hogwarts but/if"

so there are my girl super heroes. and yes, girls! because as the supergirl trailer made clear: there's nothing wrong with being a girl.

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