March 17, 2014

"run with the herd" or "virtually there"

one day while trolling pinterest i saw quite possibly the coolest medal ever. let's be honest, swag is one of the first things we look at when we're picking runs.

jedi challenge nerd run virtual run
i must have it

how cool is that?!?! a few broken links and some woodward-esque googleing later i came across the source of this awesomeness, virtual nerd runs. no, not imagining yourself running while you lay in bed another 15 minutes. or as i like to call it, thursday.

virtual runs are just like any other run/walk except that you do them on your own rather with all the participants than at a specific time and place.

virtual runs have become more popular as a way for runner to raise money for charities with donors outside their friend circle. i'm constantly torn between only wanting to do runs for charity and not having to fundraise. i don't mind paying a high registration fee knowing the money will go to a good cause, but asking people for money is always awkward.

this guy is doing the ultimate, 50 marathons in 50 states, while raising money for team in training. dude, wow, badass! i decided to sign up and do a 10k while i'm training for my 15k this weekend. i can't wait to get the medal for this run, and raise some money for charity of course.

if you'd like to donate to the ronald mcdonald house of san diego for my run this weekend, click here.

question for the peanut gallery

what virtual runs have you done?

3.18.14 update

side note: if you're enjoying my superhero cooking shirts and just nerdy awesomeness in general, please help crowd fund nerd hq. in addition to access to tech demos, games and parties, the nerd machine spends the week of san diego comicon raising money for operation smile by hosting panel discussions with special guests like nathan filliontom hiddlestoncast of doctor whothe thrilling adventure hour and more. nerd hq has raised over $415,000, that's almost 2,000 surgeries.

click the image below to go to the crowd fund site. $5, can't beat that. all the events are live streamed so even tho i prob can't make it, they can have my money and i'll watch from home. it's like diretv but without commercials and programming i actually like.


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